Ranking Insignia

The ranks of the Penguin Tangle Forces are inspired by the German Armed Forces. The designation in brackets is the corresponding NATO code.

Ranks and insignia of NATO armies enlisted
Ranks and insignia of NATO armies officers

Sch├╝tze (OR-1)

Gefreiter (OR-2)

Obergefreiter (OR-3)

Hauptgefreiter (OR-3)

Stabsgefreiter (OR-4)

Oberstabsgefreiter (OR-4)

Feldwebel (OR-6)

Oberfeldwebel (OR-6)

Hauptfeldwebel (OR-7)

Stabsfeldwebel (OR-8)

Oberstabsfeldwebel (OR-9)

Leutnant (OF-1)

Oberleutnant (OF-1)

Hauptmann (OF-2)

Major (OF-3)

Oberstleutnant (OF-4)

Oberst (OF-5)

Brigadegeneral (OF-6)

Generalmajor (OF-7)

Generalleutnant (OF-8)

General (OF-9)